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hello! so you know what the third vk novel is about? is there a translation/scans available?

The title is ‘Flail no Yume’, otherwise known as ‘Dream of a Morning Star’ with Zero on the cover. It’s a collection of side stories featuring various characters. I don’t think there are translations around but there are scans of the novel illustrations.

I wish I remember who scans them because I’d like to link to the post.

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justcallmebooker replied to your photoset “h a i r p i n”

oi what is happening ???? i thought the manga finished long ago

This is part of the novel illustrations. The third one with Zero on the cover. I feel the need to post something in this long abandoned blog lol.

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h a i r p i n

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Vampire Knight  ★  Kaname Kuran

No one can be a replacement for another person. That is why…farewells are always difficult.

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I will stand by you.

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